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For those new to the world of competitive gaming, watching tournaments can be an exciting and immersive way to learn more about the games they love. With the rise of esports in recent years, there are now countless tournaments happening around the world for a wide variety of games. However, for new players looking to get a taste of the competitive scene, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. In this article, we will explore some of the best tournaments for new players to watch, offering a mix of popular events and up-and-coming competitions that showcase the excitement and skill of competitive gaming.

EVO (Evolution Championship Series)

EVO is one of the biggest fighting game tournaments in the world, featuring a wide range of titles such as Street Fighter, Tekken, and Super Smash Bros. With a history dating back to 1996, EVO has become a staple in the fighting game community and attracts top players from around the globe. The high-stakes matches and intense rivalries make EVO a must-watch event for any new player interested in competitive fighting games.

The International (Dota 2)

The International is an annual Dota 2 tournament organized by Valve Corporation, featuring the best teams from around the world competing for millions of dollars in prize money. Known for its massive prize pools and intense gameplay, The International is a spectacle that showcases the strategic depth and skill required to excel at Dota 2. For new players looking to learn more about the world of MOBAs, The International is a great starting point.

Overwatch League

The Overwatch League is a professional esports league for the popular team-based shooter Overwatch. With city-based teams and a regular season leading up to playoffs and a grand finals event, the Overwatch League offers a structured and competitive format that is easy for new viewers to follow. The high production value and engaging storylines make the Overwatch League a great tournament for new players to watch and get invested in the competitive scene.

League of Legends World Championship

The League of Legends World Championship is one of the biggest esports events in the world, attracting millions of viewers and featuring the top teams from around the globe. With its fast-paced gameplay and strategic depth, League of Legends offers a thrilling viewing experience for new players looking to get into competitive gaming. The World Championship is the pinnacle of the competitive season, with intense matches and incredible plays that showcase the skill and teamwork required to succeed in the game.

Fortnite World Cup

Fortnite has taken the gaming world by storm in recent years, and the Fortnite World Cup is the premier tournament for the popular battle royale game. Featuring both solo and duo competitions, the Fortnite World Cup offers a mix of individual skill and teamwork that makes for exciting and unpredictable matches. For new players looking to learn more about the competitive side of Fortnite, the World Cup is a great event to watch and get inspired by the top players in the game.

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Watching tournaments is a great way for new players to learn more about the competitive side of their favorite games and get inspired by the skill and dedication of top players. By tuning into events like EVO, The International, the Overwatch League, the League of Legends World Championship, and the Fortnite World Cup, new players can get a taste of the excitement and intensity of competitive gaming and maybe even discover a new passion for esports. So grab some popcorn, settle in, and get ready to witness some of the best players in the world battle it out in these thrilling tournaments.